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On-site medical records take up valuable space.

Off-site medical records can be expensive to retrieve, even for disposal.

Medical records must be stored securely and safely.

Many trusts have 10,000s of records in storage beyond their 'retain until' date.

Disposal can be expensive and how can you be sure they are securely distroyed?

A major NHS Trust paid monthly storage fees but when files had expired and had to be distroyed following the retention policy; BUT there were extra extraction costs, that had not been included in the budget.

'We needed to reduce our overall annualexpenditure and we found IMR and saved over £18,000 a year in rental fees'

IMR are cost reduction specialists with a track record of working with healthcare providers to leverage the value of their x-rays by reducing or removing storage costs.

'There were no costs to us and in fact we gained an income from the process'

Basement Before & After

1. An initial viability review and investigation into the financial potential.

2. IMR take delivery of files from off-site storage to a secure location.

3. IMR remove files from hospital's on-site storage.

4. Files are sorted in compliance with hospital information governance and medical records policy.

5. Expired files are electronically recorded before being securely distroyed.

6. Silver is recovered.

7. Payment is sent to the trust.


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Why Use IMR?

No upfront fees
Top rebate prices
Secure file destruction
Vision imaging used to store distroyed files
Reduce on-site & off-site storage costs



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